Anthony Precourt Gets One Step Closer To Pimping Out The Columbus Crew To Austin

Big Daddy Kane might not have thought pimping was easy, but back when he wrote that song he hadn’t seen how simple it was for the Columbus Crew’s grease-palmed owner Anthony Precourt to merely raise a hand menacingly at his current john—the city of Columbus—while also whispering of his service’s illicit physical…

Columbus Crew, Welcome To The Stadium Extortion Racket

MLS is not and for the foreseeable future will not be one of this country’s so-called Big Four, but let no one say the scrappy upstart doesn’t extort American cities like a big-boy league. The league’s rapid expansion—someone without a stake in the matter would say too rapid—has cities from Cincinnati to St. Louis to …

Today's Fox Sports Ohio MLS Broadcast Featured Two Goals By The Crew, Two Bare Breasts Of A Crew Supporter [NSFW]

The final home game in many sports is considered Fan Appreciation Day, in which the players acknowledge supporters with giveaways and the like. It seems one member of the Columbus Crew Nordecke wanted to show her appreciation in a very special way—and gave the broadcasters a bit of a start. [FSO]