New Yorker Film Critic Has Reservations About Children's Movie Because His Boner Kept Blocking The Screen

Have you seen Incredibles 2? If you liked 2004's The Incredibles, about a family of superheroes in a sort of midcentury-modern-flavored alternate universe America, you’ll likely enjoy its sequel very much. As you might expect from any big-budget sequel it’s a little less fresh than the original and bloated in ways…

Oh No! Infinity War's Stupid-Ass Rob Dibble Thumb Looking-Ass Villain's Birth Name Is As Stupid As His Other Name, His Head, His Existence

It’s “Dione.” Which I guess is somehow a dumber name than “Thanos” because, uh, it’s traditionally the name of a goddess instead of a male god? I don’t know. He looks like a thumb with Rob Dibble’s face tattooed on it. Comic fans are not nearly embarrassed enough about this.