Coach K Says He Doesn't Want To Get Political, Proceeds To Call North Carolina's HB2 A "Stupid Thing"

Ahead of Duke’s first NCAA tournament game on Friday, coach Mike Krzyzewski was asked about the game being moved out of North Carolina due to the state’s House Bill 2, known as the “bathroom bill,” which discriminates against transgender people. At first, he deflected, saying he didn’t want to “get political.” Then he…

Grayson Allen Is The Latest In A Long Line Of Annoying, Competent Dookies

Here’s Duke sophomore Grayson Allen’s line from today’s narrow loss to Louisville: 29 points (a game-high) on just 12 shots, five turnovers, six fouls (yes, six), one technical, one fight, one of the most audacious shots of the year. That’s a near-perfect, box score-sized encapsulation of Allen, the player. He’s a…


Jabari Parker, The Nation's No. 2 Basketball Recruit, Committed To Duke For The Dukiest Reasons Possible

Well, Duke is still doing Duke things, apparently. If you thought the nation's top black Mormon whose father played in the NBA would commit to some other school—like Michigan State, say, or BYU—you were truly mistaken. He is the Dukiest Dukie that ever Duked. Consider this, from Jeff Benedict's story in Sports Illustrated