It's 2018, My God, And Dwyane Wade Just Won A Playoff Game Through The Force Of His Own Will

Dwyane Wade established tonight’s Game 2 against the 76ers as a Dwyane Wade Night, a performance bound to get the word “vintage” repeatedly attached to it, pretty early on: certainly before the end of the first half, by which point he’d scored 21 on 8-for-9 shooting off the bench. In the second quarter, he’d…

The Heat Intentionally Fouled Ben Simmons With The Game Tied In The Final Minute, And Won Because Of It

Dwyane Wade, paying tribute to Parkland shooting victim Joaquin Oliver, hit the game-winning shot last night in the Miami Heat’s 102-101 victory over the Philadelphia 76ers. He scored 15 of Miami’s 17 final points (and assisted on the other bucket). But it was a foul he made that actually won the Heat the game.