Today In Fake Sports News: Jacksonville Jaguars Declare Bankruptcy, Because Of Thugs

If you are like most NFL fans, you were surprised to learn on Facebook yesterday—or the day before that, or last week—that a NFL team was preparing to declare bankruptcy due to, uh, the entitled and ungrateful thugs and the kneeling during the national anthem and the veterans there’s so many and you really do more and…

N.J. Mayor Still Ranting Online About "Pathetic Group Of Loser Trolls" Who Crying Jordan'd Him

Last week we brought you the story of Cinnaminson (N.J.) mayor Anthony Minniti, who got Crying Jordan’d on a town Facebook page and went absolutely bonkers over it. Minniti told the Philadelphia Inquirer on Thursday that “I’m not angry at all now,” but his Facebook rants suggest he has yet to “actually find it funny.”

Source: Nashville Sports Guy Was Actually Fired For Profane Facebook Live Rant

On Saturday, we reported that Nashville Fox station sports guy Dan Phillips was fired after station management found his Prince-themed sports report to be “insensitive,” which is how Phillips described it in a Facebook post about the firing. Now, a source at the station tells us that’s not why he was fired at all—and…