Don Cherry Made Gary Bettman Extremely Awkward By Bringing Up A Quebec Expansion Team

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman was watching CBC analyst Don Cherry’s “Coach’s Corner” segment off-screen during the first intermission of the Stanley Cup Finals game tonight, but once Cherry brought up his desires for a Quebec expansion team, he and his partner Ron MacLean got Bettman on camera. It was awkward.

Gary Bettman: Coyotes "Cannot And Will Not Remain In Glendale"

If I can’t keep track of the various twists of the NHL’s attempts to succeed in the greater Phoenix market—and it’s kind of my job—how can I expect you to? All you need to know is that it’s been an economic disaster for the last two decades, and the future of the Arizona Coyotes remains as insecure as ever. Not that…

Gary Bettman Upholds Dennis Wideman's Suspension, Provides Window Into NHL Investigation

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman upheld Dennis Wideman’s 20-game suspension for cross-checking a linesman from behind today, a widely expected ruling that Wideman will now appeal to a neutral arbitrator. Wideman’s primary defense, that he was concussed shortly before hitting referee Don Henderson—Wideman was indeed…