Ugly Schoolboy Football Feud Leaves Baltimore Powerhouse With Zero Opponents For 2018

If you can‚Äôt beat ‚Äėem, blackball ‚Äėem. That‚Äôs among the morals of the story of the dissolution of Baltimore‚Äôs prep football scene, which is now complete: St. Frances Academy, a historically non-athletic and financially strapped institution which is suddenly among the best football schools in the country and fiscally‚Ķ

Marjory Stoneman Douglas QB Commits To D-III School After Hiding With Recruiters During Shooting

Marjory Stoneman Douglas football player Tyler Goodman was meeting with Nichols College assistant coach St. Clair Ryan and dean of admissions Paul Brower during last month’s shooting which killed 17 people at the high school. Goodman had not seriously considered attending Nichols, a D-III school in Massachusetts, but…

Bixby School District Superintendent Resigns Amid High School Football Rape Case

Three months after a 16-year-old boy in Oklahoma was allegedly raped with a pool cue by his Bixby High School football teammates at the superintendent‚Äôs home during a team function, the school board‚Äôs only ‚Äúdisciplinary action‚ÄĚ so far has been to accept the resignation of the superintendent, Kyle Wood. They did this‚Ķ

High School Ref Who Walked Out Over Anthem Protests Worries About Babies Disrespecting Flag, Had Racist Facebook Posts

Two New Jersey high school refs‚ÄĒErnie Lunardelli and his son, Anthony Lunardelli‚ÄĒwalked off the field on Friday night in Middlesex County because four players from Monroe HS knelt during the national anthem. Ernie Lunardelli told he‚Äôd informed superiors he would not officiate any game where players‚Ķ

Louisiana High School Threatens To Punish Athletes Who Don't Stand For National Anthem

This morning, Waylon Bates, the principal of Parkway High School in Bossier Parish, La., sent a letter to the students and parents of his school warning that any athletes who did not ‚Äústand in a respectful manner‚ÄĚ during the pre-game national anthem would be subject to disciplinary action. He made it clear that he has‚Ķ