Kirk Ferentz Is In A Byzantine Legal Battle With His Neighbors Over Road Improvements

Kirk Ferentz has been Iowa’s football coach since 1999, and the Hawkeyes have been steady, unspectacular, and occasionally very good during his tenure. During pretty much that entire tenure, Ferentz and his wife Mary have been engaged in a very silly dispute with their neighbors. Those neighbors filed a lawsuit…

Iowa Refuses To Shake Hands After North Dakota, Down By 11, Tries Buzzer-Beater

With the Hawkeyes up by 11 with three seconds to play, there was no question about who was going to win tonight’s game between Iowa and North Dakota. But North Dakota’s Corey Baldwin stole the ball and Drick Bernstine tried to beat the buzzer with a little jumper anyway*, and Iowa coach Fran McCaffery was not happy.…

Iowa Fan Arrested For Public Intoxication Thought She Was At Iowa State Game That Didn't Exist

Unranked Iowa’s upset win over #3 Michigan yesterday was worth celebrating. But some people took it a little too far, and University of Iowa police had to make game-day arrests for the first time since September. (The campus that gave us Vodka Samm has had plenty of game-day citations since September, just no arrests.)