These Horny Emails May Have Gotten Former NBA Player Winston Bennett Fired From His Government Job

Former Kentucky basketball star Winston Bennett was fired from his position as director of the state labor cabinet’s division of apprenticeship last month, after just 10 weeks on the job. No reason was given for the firing, but the Louisville Courier-Journal used a public records request to get ahold of the emails he…

Kentucky Fans Flooded Elite Eight Referee With 800 Angry Voicemail Messages

Kentucky fans left more than 800 voicemails for referee John Higgins after the team’s Elite Eight loss to North Carolina, seven of which have been flagged by law enforcement as threats. The messages were reviewed by police in Higgins’s home of Omaha, and those containing threats have been sent to relevant officials in…

CNN War Propagandist Promotes Syrian Attacks: "This Is Not Like Kentucky Basketball"

Resident CNN war flack James “Spider” Marks excitedly promised an extended war against Syria, as the visibly engorged retired U.S. Army major general contrasted tonight’s use of more than 50 Tomahawk missiles against John Calipari’s Kentucky basketball program, stating that “this is not [...] one and done.”