Ball Brothers’ Lithuanian Team Abandons Baltic League To Play Family Shoe-Branded Exhibition

Who’s ready for the debuts of LaMelo and LiAngelo Ball??? Hopefully not fans of the Baltic League, because Vytautas Prienai announced today that they’d be pulling out of the Baltic Sea region’s second-most prestigious tournament to play in something called the Big Baller Brand Challenge Games, which is a real thing…

Today's Shocking Miss Of The Day Comes To You All The Way From Lithuania

My Lithuanian is a little rusty, but I assume that the announcer’s “Oi yoi yoi! Oi yoi yoi!” in response to this Kauno Žalgiris striker missing the unmissible—a completely open net with the keeper yards away from goal—translates to something like: “Jesus Christ, did he really just blow that??? Like, seriously?!?”