“On an early afternoon in late February, I looked up into the vacant eyes of a demon Teddy Roosevelt.” Emma Baccellieri of Sports Illustrated attended the auditions for driver of the Nationals’ new bullpen cart, and found herself putting her driving skills to the test around the “Curly W”-shaped course. Check it out.

“They are a creative and singleminded coach, an ascetic and not-even-singleminded quarterback, and a ceaselessly overhauled roster of talented and motivated and disposable meat.” Tom Scocca argues for why the Patriots are the definition of football, and why that’s not a compliment. [Hmm Daily]

“At one point during a non-televised break they chanted my name while I danced like a wedding drunk to the O’Jays’ ‘For The Love of Money,’ knowing full well that the song reminds us what money is: The Root of All Evil.” Joe MacLeod wrote a highly entertaining account of his experience on Who Wants to Be a