ESPN: It's Bad That We Keep Squeezing Juicy Quotes Out Of LaVar Ball

“There’s always oxygen somewhere,” reads an article on this morning, criticizing the Los Angeles Lakers’ front-office muckety-mucks for their radio silence on the antics of hot-taking sports dad LaVar Ball, “and a firebrand like Ball will always find it.” This seems a bit rich, coming from the bellows.

Lonzo Ball's General Passivity Extends Even To Helping A Teammate In A Fight

In last night’s loss to the Phoenix Suns, Lakers guard Kentavious Caldwell-Pope got a little territorial with Tyler Ulis of the Suns, and a brouhaha ensued. Not a fight, but certainly an altercation. As NBA “fights” go, this was more intense and physical than the LeBron-Enes Kanter conflict, but certainly less serious…