Report: Los Angeles Will Be Saddled With The Chargers For At Least 20 Years

The Los Angeles Chargers are currently in a tiny stadium that can max out its capacity at 27,000. They’ve become a concern for the league’s other owners in terms of viability. Also, no one really cares about them since their true fanbase is in San Diego. But here’s some relief: They’ll be locked into L.A. for a…

Chargers Superfan Boltman On Security Asking Him To Remove Mask: "They Treated Me Like A Criminal," Makes Rodney King Comp

Chargers superfan Dan Jauregui—better known as Boltman, the persona he’s adopted at games for decades—is, uh, extremely frustrated after briefly being told that he would be ejected if he did not remove his mask during his first game at the recently relocated team’s new home stadium in Los Angeles on Sunday.