Betsy DeVos Rolled Back Title IX Protections Two Days After Hanging Out With MSU President

It can be hard to keep track of how many different pieces of news broke today, all of them illuminating one larger pointā€”Michigan State really didnā€™t want to try too hard, if at all, to prevent or investigate sexual assault or gender violence on its campus, and they were especially reluctant to do so if that caseā€¦

Michigan State Trustee: Our President Is A Great Fundraiser, So We're Not Going To Fire Her

In an interview on local radio show Staudt on Sports, Michigan State board of trustees member Joel Ferguson reinforced the university boardā€™s stance that the majority of board members still support university president Lou Anna Simon, saying, ā€œthereā€™s so many more things going on at the university than just thisā€¦

MSU's Response To Being "Perceived As Tone-Deaf" About Nassar Sex Abuse: Giving Vote Of Support ToĀ School President Who Knew About It

The Michigan State board of trustees gave Lou Anna Simon a vote of support Friday despite an overwhelming number of calls for the university president to resign or be fired amidst the dozens of victims testifying against Larry Nassar at the ongoing sentencing phase of his prosecution.

Gymnast Writes Open Letters To Michigan State Leaders Who Claim Sexual Abuse Couldn't Be Prevented

In response to the outward finger-pointing taking place at Michigan State over its years of downplaying and ignoring concerns voiced about disgraced doctor Larry Nassar, one of the first gymnasts to come forward saying Nassar sexually abused her has penned a pair of open letters to university president Lou Anna Simonā€¦