Mark Wahlberg Says He Left Super Bowl LI Early Because His Son Was Swearing And Losing It

Actor and Dorchester lunk Mark Wahlberg was at Super Bowl LI between the Patriots and Falcons, but he left before the game was over, with New England facing a deficit. Wahlberg caught shit for being a frontrunner, then said that the reason he’d departed was because his son wasn’t feeling well. That was accurate, but…

Marky Mark Claims Roger Goodell Personally Called Him To Complain About Ballers [UPDATE]

Yeah. Can you feel it baby? Thus start the lyrics to Marky Mark’s 1991 and only hit “Good Vibrations,” but if the former Funky Bunch leader is to be believed Roger Goodell’s answer is “No. I am not feeling it,” if the inquiry is in regard to HBO’s series Ballers, of which the retired rapper is an executive producer.