Bill Belichick: Thank God We Made It Out Of Mexico City Without Any Earthquakes Or Volcano Eruptions

Bill Belichick wasn’t so thrilled about the Patriots’ game last weekend in Mexico City, which is fair enough—at an altitude of nearly 7,500 feet (more than 2,000 feet higher than Denver), playing in Mexico City can present some unique challenges. Fine! But rather than sticking to that point in a radio interview on…

Brock Osweiler Said Laser Pointer From Stands Affected His Play

It was like a freaking Laser Floyd show in Mexico City last night, with someone in the pro-Raiders crowd shining a big-ass green laser pointer at Brock Osweiler in an attempt to distract the Texans’ QB in Houston’s2 7-20 loss. It worked: Osweiler called it “very distracting” and said it “certainly affected” his play.