Cops: Lenny Dykstra Arrested After Uber Driver, Who He’d Threatened To Kill, Drove To Police Station

Lenny Dykstra has long since ceased to be a former baseball player with the Mets and Phillies. Now he’s just a semi-famous man who is occasionally in the news for something. Usually it’s not great. Whether it’s pleading guilty to bankruptcy fraud, admitting a sexual harassment claim or allegedly trashing a hotel room,…

High School Ref Who Walked Out Over Anthem Protests Worries About Babies Disrespecting Flag, Had Racist Facebook Posts

Two New Jersey high school refs—Ernie Lunardelli and his son, Anthony Lunardelli—walked off the field on Friday night in Middlesex County because four players from Monroe HS knelt during the national anthem. Ernie Lunardelli told he’d informed superiors he would not officiate any game where players…

N.J. Mayor Still Ranting Online About "Pathetic Group Of Loser Trolls" Who Crying Jordan'd Him

Last week we brought you the story of Cinnaminson (N.J.) mayor Anthony Minniti, who got Crying Jordan’d on a town Facebook page and went absolutely bonkers over it. Minniti told the Philadelphia Inquirer on Thursday that “I’m not angry at all now,” but his Facebook rants suggest he has yet to “actually find it funny.”