Let Us Congratulate Vladimir Putin For Victoriously Claiming The One Available Umbrella During World Cup Medal Ceremonies

I can’t quite describe why I find this image so funny, but here it is: Vladimir Putin, grinning in the handshake line at the World Cup medal ceremony, with like the one umbrella anywhere in sight being held over his head dutifully by an attendant, while all around him are drenched in pouring rain:

Croatian Defender Domagoj Vida Is In Some Hot Water After Shouting Pro-Ukraine Slogans In A Pair Of Videos

After Croatia defeated Russia in the World Cup quarterfinal on penalty kicks this weekend, former Croatia international Ognjen Vukojevic posted a video of himself and Croatian defender Domagoj Vida celebrating in the locker room and exclaiming “Slava Ukrayini!”, which translates to “Glory to Ukraine!”

Argentina FA Puts Out World Cup Manual With Chapter On Picking Up Russian Women

The Argentine Football Association, the country’s governing body of soccer, held on Tuesday a course for players, coaches, executives, and reporters heading to Russia for next month’s World Cup. The course, taught by Russian language teacher, Eduardo Pennisi, included a manual, “Russian Language and Culture,” written…