Calvin Pryor Blames Rishard Matthews's Injury On Ryan Tannehill's Bad Throw

On the Dolphins’ third play from scrimmage in their 38-20 loss to the Jets, Ryan Tannehill threw a short pass behind Rishard Matthews. When Matthews turned for the ball—it went past him—Jets safety Calvin Pryor slammed into Matthews’s torso. He would leave the game with what were described as rib and chest injuries.…

Last Night On Hard Knocks, We Learned What NFL GMs Use As Their Version Of Facebook (And Got Ryan Tannehill's Cell Number)

HBO's Hard Knocks has to maintain a balance between access and secrecy. The fans get to spend a few hours with the players and coaches in unusual settings; the coaches go along with the cameras but still get to obscure their plays and play calls from the public. Everybody wins all the time. Well, almost all the time.