WEEI Will Shut Down For A Day To Teach Its Hosts Not To Be Hateful Shitheads

Boston radio station WEEI has had a rough go of it lately: Alex Reimer called Tom Brady’s kid a “pissant” and hasn’t been heard from since; Christian Fauria giggled as he did a racist accent of Brady’s agent Don Yee, and was suspended five days; and Kirk Minihane’s still employed. In an effort to repair whatever image…

Doug Gottlieb: DeAndre Hopkins Isn't "Smart Enough" To Get "Nuance" Of Bob McNair's "Inmates" Quote

Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins skipped practice today after ESPN published a quote from team owner Bob McNair in which he compared his employees to prison inmates at last week’s NFL meetings. Thankfully, Fox Sports Radio broadcaster Doug Gottlieb was available to bring the white man’s perspective to the topic.