Beadle Blitz: SportsNation Producers Make Michelle Beadle Run Around Like An Idiot For April Fool's Prank

Here is some rare family-friendly hijinks from the ESPN crew. The producers of SportsNation get Michelle Beadle to dress up in a green suit for a fake 3D CGI spot, all in the name of fun. Beadle seems like a good sport about it all but promises revenge all the same. It's just too bad they didn't pull this on Cowherd.

ESPN Asks, New York And Florida Answer: Nonexistent Knicks-Heat Game Is Best Non-NFL Game Of The Weekend

The Knicks and the Heat are not playing this weekend. They play next Friday—on ESPN. That did not stop Sportsnation from asking if it was the best non-NFL game. Nor did it stop the fine citizens of New York and Florida from responding that yes, of course, it is clearly the best game this weekend. Missouri-Baylor be…