Flames, NHL Claim Team May Move If Calgary Doesn't Give Rich Asshole Millions

The Calgary Flames announced today that they’re done trying to bilk hundreds of millions of dollars from the city to pay for a new arena, again suggesting that they’re ready and willing to relocate if that’s what it takes to get a new stadium that they don’t have to fund themselves—unless, that is, citizens speak up…


Study Finds Buying Brewers New Spring Training Park Will Lose Money, So Town Buries Study And Commissions Friendlier One

The Brewers want a new spring training park. Gilbert, Ariz., would like to give it to them. The stadium would cost $90 million; the Brewers offered to pay $20 million of that. The adjoining mixed-use “village,” including retail and hotel, would cost another $70 million; the Brewers offered to pay none of that.