The Redskins Were So Excited That Donald Trump Praised RGIII That They Slapped It On Their Facebook Page

So, everything about this is just powerfully loathsome: Trump's face, the fact that the Redskins are so historically starved for praise that they consider an endorsement from a vitamin-selling pyramid-schemer an important plug, and, oh, right, "You're hired." I think the Redskins just found the only potential footballā€¦

Dan Snyder Used To Stay In The Owner's Box Until 4 a.m. "Pounding Drinks" And Stuffing His Face With Fast Food

ESPN the Magazine has a fun story out today about Dan Snyder and our old friend Dave McKenna. It presents a slightly friendlier portrait of Snyder than you might find on, say, Deadspinā€”where we've called Snyder a "prick" and a "churlish little shitbag vulgarian" but never once accused him of fellating dogsā€”but Sethā€¦

How Not To Be The Biggest Asshole In Media: 4 Lessons I Learned From Meeting Jay Mariotti And Reading His Awful Book

It's been almost two years since Jay Mariotti last wrote a sports column or appeared on ESPN. In that time, sports media's ur-controversialistā€”a pioneer of the sportswriters-being-dicks-on-television genreā€”has pleaded no contest to misdemeanor stalking and assault-related charges stemming from a hair-pulling fightā€¦

Worst People Ever Catch Foul Ball, Refuse To Give It To A Crying Child, Are Vilified By Michael Kay [UPDATE]

An unfortunate scene unfolded in Arlington tonight as a pair of Rangers fans caught a foul ball tossed into the stands by Mitch Moreland in the eighth inning of Rangers-Yankees, then refused to give the ball to the toddler sitting next to themā€”instead choosing to pose for pictures and generally behave likeā€¦

Dave McKenna Leaves Washington City Paper, But Not Without Kicking Dan Snyder In The Teeth One Last Time

Snyder, the Redskins' owner, had filed a dumbass libel lawsuit against McKenna earlier this year over a column Snyder acknowledged he hadn't even read. The suit was withdrawn after 218 days, every day of which we proudly linked to what McKenna had initially written. McKenna publicly announced his departure from WCPā€¦

Even Criminal Lobbyist Jack Abramoff Lectured Dan Snyder About The Redskins Name, Likening It To "The New York Jew Boys"

Scumbag lobbyist and George Bush leg-humper Jack Abramoff has a self-serving book out called Capital Punishment: The Hard Truth About Washington Corruption From America's Most Notorious Lobbyist. In the book, which you should not buy, Abramoff details his relationship with Dan Snyder, whom Abramoff considers a swellā€¦