Son Heung-Min Is Playing The Best Soccer Of His Life And Having A Blast While Doing It

Any pro athlete in the major sports will tell you how fortunate they are to earn truckloads of money to participate in what are at heart kids’ games. It’s right there in the one shared verb that unites them: they get paid to “play.” However, it’s rare to find a pro athlete who actually takes to the court or field or…

Another Harry Kane Hat Trick Gave Him The Record For Most Premier League Goals In A Year

Tottenham striker Harry Kane broke out of a “slump”—two games without any goals—over the weekend, singlehandedly obliterating Burnley by scoring all three of his team’s goals. That hat trick tied the Premier League’s greatest ever scorer, Alan Shearer, for his record of 36 goals in a calendar year, set in 1995.