WWE Raw Segment Goes Off The Rails When Seattle Crowd Won’t Stop Booing SuperSonics Joke

Denigrating the city in which an event is being held is one of the oldest and most reliable ways for a pro wrestler to get heat. It’s probably pretty cheap, honestly, but who cares. It’s easy to rip on a city’s sports teams, but there’s a reason wrestlers still do it: It generally works.

Former WWE Personality Threatens To Kill Himself At Monday Night RAW In Extremely Ill-Advised Joke

Former WWE personality Jason Sensation, who made a name for himself in wrestling during the late 1990s by doing solid impressions of famous wrestlers—most notably Owen Hart during an infamous skit with D-Generation X—threatened to kill himself inside Scotiabank Arena in Toronto during tonight’s RAW:

WWE's Newest Signing Is The "King Of Bros," A Former UFC Fighter Who Became The Indie Scene's Top Star

On Saturday night, former UFC fighter Matt Riddle, just three and a half years into his pro wrestling career, officially made his first appearance with WWE, appearing in the front row during the NXT TakeOver live special from Barclays Center in Brooklyn. While WWE has long had an unofficial policy of telling new…

ROH And NJPW Just Ended WWE's 58-Year Stranglehold On Madison Square Garden

Decades of pro wrestling history were upended via joint press release on Thursday when Ring of Honor, New Japan, and Madison Square Garden announced a joint show at “The World’s Most Famous Arena” for April 6, 2019. Unless an unannounced (but previously reported) planned show from Mexican promotion AAA materializes in…

Ronda Rousey Having Fun At A WWE House Show Was Everything Great About Wrestling

PHILADELPHIA — Everybody in the arena knew Ronda Rousey was coming out next. The delay seemed to stretch on forever as we waited. It had been 25 seconds since Nia Jax’s theme ended ... 26, 27, 28, 29 … and, finally, “Bad Reputation” played. Ronda Rousey made her entrance. She got the loudest cheer of the night.