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Take a Hike, Morons: West Brom Tells Ignorant Slob To Bugger Off

Who would have thought the message “Together We Are Stronger” could be offensive?
Who would have thought the message “Together We Are Stronger” could be offensive?
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West Bromwich Albion was in fourth place in the Championship, the second tier of English soccer, and with the season there set to resume later this month, they’ll be doing all they can down the stretch to earn promotion back to the Premier League, where they were relegated from last year.

The Baggies, as they’re known, should be able to count on a lot of new support after Tuesday.

It started innocuously enough, with a #BlackOutTuesday tweet featuring the words “Together we are stronger.” In white text above the club’s crest.


Well, that did not sit well with local Twitter user @80seight, who on Monday had posted his objections to the concept of Pride Month.

“Pathetic,” 80s The Eighth replied to the team listed in his bio as his favorite. “Cancel my season ticket. Cheers.”

Let’s just say he didn’t get the reply he was expecting.

“You won’t be missed,” West Brom replied.

Where do we sign up to buy the tickets this guy is giving up?

The grown-up baby wasn’t done, though, coming up with several questions, capped off with “How about all lives matter?”


West Brom did not bother any further with the former season-ticket holder, but New York Mets first baseman Pete Alonso did have an answer for “all lives matter” earlier on Tuesday, on his Instagram feed.

“Get out of here with that ignorance,” Alonso wrote, replying to a comment. “Of course everybody’s life matters but we’re focusing on the widespread racism in our country right now. The question is, why does the black lives matter movement bothers you enough to have to say all lives matter?”


The other question is why an English soccer team and a 25-year-old first baseman aren’t afraid to tell racist idiots that they don’t need their support, while so many in the sports world are timidly serving up word salad, that is, if they’re saying anything at all.

Of course, we know the answer to that one. Money is more important to them than human lives. West Bromwich Albion surely would like more money, too, and by gladly turning it down from one man, who knows how much more support they’ll get now as a result?

Sorry to all the other Jesse Spectors for ruining your Google results.

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