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There isn't a lede in the world that could possibly do this Georgia Tech fan's Gator Bowl experience any justice, so I'll just go right to the recap:

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Since 1974 (thanks Dad!) I have attended Georgia Tech football games as a fan, student, and then alumni. Over the years, I have witnessed odd behavior at college football events. Until New Year's Day 2007, the event that stood out most was when the Georgia Tech student section covered the Notre Dame Team with raw fish in the late 70's.

After the Gator Bowl? Wow. Just wow.

I always carry my camera to Georgia Tech football games. We were fortunate and had seats on the lower level, two seats away from the Georgia Tech Band section. At the end of the second quarter, the band was in position on the field, leaving their section empty. I walked to the bottom of the band section to get some panorama shots of the stadium and then returned to my seat. I noticed a West Virginia fan standing in the middle of the Georgia Tech Band seating area, with his pants around his knees.

As this is unusual, I pointed the walking stereotype to my fiance', a Virginia Tech alumni. She had been preparing me for the encounters with West Virginia fans and this individual only supported her prior observations.

Then things got ugly.

The WVU fan then dropped his drawers and defecated on one of the Georgia Tech band section seats.


And, here's the photo recap..

Gator Bowl Disrespect for GT Band [The Hive]

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