Takeru Kobayashi Went To Some Bro's Super Bowl Party And Ate An Entire Pizza In One Minute

This video comes to us from reader Andrew, who attended a Super Bowl party at which professional eater Takeru Kobayashi was the hired entertainment. Here, Kobayashi accepts the challenge of eating an entire Domino's pizza in one minute, a feat he just barely manages to pull off. Kobayashi may be out of the professional eating spotlight these days, but he still has skills. Just watch him kick it into high gear when he hears that he's only got ten seconds left.


According to Andrew, Kobayashi was paid $1,500 for his appearance, and also hung around after eating the pizza to drink beers and participate in a semi-hostile chugging contest.

Update: Kobayashi was booked through Thuzio, and we're told that his price was actually $3,250.