Taking Down The Field Goal Posts: There Has To Be A Better Way To Do This

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UCLA 13, USC 9. What it means: It means that Snoop Dogg is going to need to make new plans for January 8th, because he won't be in Glenvilledale rooting on the Trojans, and I doubt Jim Tressell's going to be giving him an invite. Said coach Pete Carroll, "We did not anticipate this happening." Ya don't say. Offensively, the Bruins did nothing that would turn your head, at least statistically. I believe they won this game because God hates the BCS.

(4) Florida 38, (8) Arkansas 28. What it means: It probably means that Florida's going to be reeeaally disappointed tomorrow. The people that know and can predict the BCS formula say that Michigan's probably going to get the #2 spot and play against Ohio State in the BCS Championship game on January 8th, unless the human voters really fell in love with Florida overnight. That is possible. And what does that mean? Well, this is probably what that means.


(15) West Fuckin' Virginia 41, (13) Rutgers 39, 3 OT. What it means: It means that the Scarlet Knights won't be going to a BCS Bowl. Louisville will be taking the Big East's spot in the BCS, West Virginia looks to be headed to the Gator Bowl, and Rutgers is likely headed to the glamorous Texas Bowl. The above screenshot, by the way, was grabbed for us by the fine folks at Writers Radio, and it is awesome. I propose that every time West Virginia is mentioned on Deadspin, they be called "West Fuckin' Virginia," and I'd also like for WVU to actually incorporate that into their uniforms.

(16) Wake Forest 9, (23) Georgia Tech 6. What it means: It means that Wake Forest takes Rutgers spot as the charming Cinderella team to run through a major conference and got a spot in the BCS. They'll be heading to the Orange Bowl, and judging from some of the comments in the Hugh Johnson Project yesterday, many of you will be looking forward to seeing the dynamic Georgia Tech offense again on a national stage.


(8) Oklahoma 21, (19) Nebraska 7. What it means: It means that Oklahoma will be representing the Big 12 in the Fiesta Bowl, likely against Boise State, who is undefeated.

All the official announcements are set to be made tonight at 8 p.m. on Fox. My own personal feeling on who should play Ohio State in the Championship game is that I don't give a monkey's nutsac. Whichever way the decision goes, it won't be because someone earned it on the field, it will be because someone decided it in an office somewhere. I can't get fired up about that.