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Taking Down The Field Goal Posts: You Know Where You Can Plant Your Flag

Notre Dame 40, Michigan State 37. After the game, Michigan State tailback Javon Ringer said, "Give all the credit to Notre Dame. They stepped up when they had to." Well, that's one way to say it. Maybe Notre Dame stepped up, but they couldn't have done so if Michigan State hadn't laid down. Let's be honest about it; a team can step up all they want, but they're not going to overcome a 16-point 4th quarter lead unless the other team completely gags. I think Michigan State QB Drew Stanton may be bi-polar. One minute, he's a spectacular playmaker. The next, he's the white Aaron Brooks. Karma.

Colorado 13, Georgia 14. Very very nearly the upset of the year. Before yesterday, Colorado could've made a strong argument for the title of worst Division 1-A team in the nation. And now they just sort of look like your average 0-4 team. Congratulations on that. Georgia can thank freshman QB Joe Cox for the win, who stepped in for fellow freshman QB Matthew Stafford, and threw for 153 yards and 2 TD in just over a quarter.


NC State 17, Boston College 15. Chuck Amato's probably not going to be fired... this week. The Wolfpack, who have last to Akron by 3 and Southern Miss by 20, got a big win over the (perhaps inappropriately) 20th-ranked Boston College Eagles. State was also the benficiary of a QB switch, riding the performance of Daniel Evans to the victory.

Some guy at New Hampshire ties Jerry Rice's 1-AA TD record. David Ball caught the 50th TD pass of his career, and tying any of Jerry Rice's records is damn remarkable. Rice, for our younger readers who might not remember, is a dazzling television personality that's appeared on "Pros vs. Joes" and "Dancing with the Stars." Before that, he played football.

The stabbed punter makes his triumphant return. Just two weeks after being allegedly stabbed by his back-up, Rafael Mendoza was back on the job. He punted four times, including a 58-yarder, and at no point did he bleed through his uniform, Roy Hobbs-style.

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