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(1) Ohio State 24, (2) Texas 7. It doesn't fall into the "blowout" category, but Ohio State's win last night was pretty thorough. As a football team, they're just in a different class than Texas. The three best offensive players in the game all played for Ohio State: Ted Ginn, Anthony Gonzalez, and Troy Smith. It was a business-like, efficient win; impressive enough to put the image of Lee Corso's "baby arm" out of your head. I hope. And congratulations go out to Brent Musburger, who enjoys saying "Colt McCoy" more than he's ever enjoyed anything in his life.

(19) Penn State 17, (4) Notre Dame 41. Tough day for the Notre Dame haters. They were (arguably) unimpressive in their Week 1 effort against Georgia Tech, but there wasn't much unimpressive about yesterday's performance. Brady Quinn was 25-of-36 for 287 yards, 3 TDs, and 0 interceptions, and four Notre Dame players had five or more receptions. It was a very Patriots-esque offensive performance for Notre Dame, with short passes, ball control, and not making mistakes. Penn State actually moved the ball pretty well (383 total yards to Notre Dame's 397), but turned the ball over three times and make mistakes at inopportune times.

Troy 17, (9) Florida State 24. Not being able to run the ball against Miami is one thing. Not being able to run it against Troy is something else. Florida State managed just 45 rushing yards against the other Trojans, eeking out a 24-17 victory. Troy actually led by seven halfway through the fourth quarter. I always hate it when an underdog team plays the game of their life, and then when it comes time to put it away, remembers that they aren't supposed to win and acts accordingly.

(14) Iowa 20, Syracuase 13. Outside of Ohio State, yesterday was not a pretty day for the Big 10. Illinois, as was gleefully recounted in the Hugh Johnson Project, was pounded by Rutgers. Purdue struggled with Miami (OH), Northwestern lost (by seventeen) to 1-AA New Hampshire, Penn State was hammered, and Iowa needed two overtimes to beat a miserable Syracuse team. Iowa was also the beneficiary of some of the least imaginative playcalling I've ever seen, as Syracuse couldn't get the ball in the endzone with seven tries from inside the 2-yard-line.