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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Notre Dame 14, Georgia Tech 10. It's never a pleasant experience when Notre Dame wins the marquee game of the week, but it was hard not to admire last night's effort. Georgia Tech played an excellent game, but the Irish defense held strong, Charlie Weis let his enormous testicles call the plays in key situations, and they earned a tough win on the road. Assigning the entire secondary to cover Calvin Johnson in the second half also didn't hurt.

USC 50, Arkansas 14. Well, I hope Lou Holtz is thoroughly embarrassed. He was so adamant in his prediction of an Arkansas upset that after about 19th time he screamed it at Mark May (who's only slightly more coherent), you almost started to think that maybe Holtz wasn't senile. Clearly, senility is still in the captain's seat on the Good Ship Holtz. And, hopefully, we can now begin the process of having USC headlines exist without a mention of Matt Leinart or Reggie Bush.


UAB 17, Oklahoma 24. Tough break for the Blazers. They had a chance to knock off a high-profile Top 10 team, and all they have to show for it is an injured team doctor. Dr. Brenda Baumann (that's her in the picture up there) had to be carted off the field after UAB wideout Willie Edwards accidentally plowed into her on the sidelines. She was taken to the hospital, and her condition is unknown. Rhett Bomar was very effective in sweeping up Section 108 after everyone had left.

Cal 18, Tennessee 35. It's probably best that this happened early, so we can put to bed the idea that the Pac-10 is a deep conference, before anyone starts to get confused. Cal QB Nate Longshore looked visibly scared, but in the midst of over 100,000 Tennessee residents dressed head to toe in orange, who wouldn't be?

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