Talking Shit About Vince Wilfork's Wife Is Not A Good Idea [Update]

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Patriots defensive tackle Vince Wilfork loves his wife, Bianca. Anybody who watched this interview, which aired prior to Super Bowl XLVI, knows this. Vince Wilfork is also a very large man who makes his living by knocking the crap out of other very large men. So it's probably not a good idea to call his wife ugly. That's a lesson that former Patriots linebacker Ted Johnson learned today.

Johnson hosts a local sports radio show in Houston, and he was asked by a caller to identify which of his former teammates has the ugliest spouse. Here is Johnson's response:


Unfortunately for Johnson, Vince Wilfork hears everything:


Wilfork followed that tweet with this one, which is both biting and heartfelt and makes us like him even more than we already did.

Ted Johnson (or at least someone with a Twitter account claiming to be Ted Johnson) wisely apologized. Now let's hope the Wilforks can put this behind them and get back to making hilarious commercials together.

Update: Bianca Wilfork has now issued a response to Johnson, via her Instagram account:


The caption that went along with that photo? "Team Wilfork is always good?" Go Team Wilfork!