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Tasers And Foul Balls Make For An Eventful Night In Oakland

At most ballgames, you're lucky if one interesting thing happens in your section. A foul ball, a violent arrest, dudes falling down stairs? Well, some lucky A's fans saw it all in the span of about 30 seconds.

Of course, on super lucky fan got it all on tape. This was allegedly shot at the A's-Rangers game at the Coliseum last night, and here's the play-by-play for those of you who are tube-blocked at work. It begins with Oakland police trying to remove some old belligerent man from his lower-deck seats. He didn't immediately get up and run for the exists when they told him to go, so naturally, they tased him. (Yay, for reasonable crowd control!)

Then another concerned citizen, camera phone at the ready, comes charging up to document the scene. But before he can lend a hand to the police brutality, an usher boxes him out like Charles Barkley grabbing the last seat at a $5 blackjack table. That dude goes a-tumblin' back down to the box seats. And if all that excitement wasn't enough, just seconds later a foul ball comes flying directly at the combatants, who call a truce just long enough to grab a souvenir. Quite a half-inning, huh?


Man, last time I went to a baseball stadium all I got was a free promotional bag of popcorn. Do the Ballhawks have a category for tazings?

You can watch the full video here, until it (probably) gets taken down. [YouTube, via SportsCentr Tumblr]

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