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Teach The Children Skills They Can Use

Say what you will, man, but it certainly seems to us that there's a lot of children being left behind. Kids just aren't getting the education they need; our school system is helplessly flawed. Thankfully, one man stands bravely ahead of the pack, doing what he can to teach the youth the skills they need to survive in the real world. That man is Minnesota Wild enforcer Derek Boogaard.

Boogaard knows what kids needs to know; he knows they need to fight fight FIGHT! Hence, Derek and Aaron Boogaard Fighting Camp.

On Thursday night, 20 hockey players between the ages of 12 and 18 were schooled by two of the sport's toughest combatants in Derek, who has had 26 fights in 113 games during his first two seasons with the Wild, and Aaron, 20, a former Wild draft pick, who has just signed with the Pittsburgh Penguins after getting 384 penalty minutes in his past two seasons with Tri-City in the Western Hockey League.

"The kids love it," said Derek Boogaard, 25. "It's fun to see how excited they are and how pumped up the parents get."


Baseball has slowly been losing young fans in recent years; we see this as the only way to make sure they continue to thrive over the next few decades. Frankly, this probably couldn't hurt the newspaper industry either. "Arrested Development" was right: Soon, we will all be watching Boyfights!

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