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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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We played freshman football in high school, though we were the third-string split end on a team that never ran any pass plays. (In practice, we were constantly told to "go downfield, find the safety and try to block him.") We are glad we were in relatively sedate Mattoon playing football rather than, say, playing basketball outside Cincinnati. We might have been forced to have sex with one of our teammates.

Ah, Ohio.

Police in southwest Ohio said three members of a freshman high school boys basketball team are expected to be charged Monday with gross sexual imposition after an alleged assault on a teammate.

A police officer wrote in a report that the alleged victim said a teammate made him have sexual contact with another teammate.


We are sure more details will sneak out about this down the line, but man, we thought running laps was bad.

Cops: Teens Forced Player To Have Sex With Basketball Teammate [FoxNews]

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