Hey, look, it's the first-ever Deadspin contest. The fine folks at Hyperion Books just shipped a big stack of copies of David Halberstam's new book The Education Of A Coach to Deadspin World Headquarters, and we're here to give them away. We've read the book and think it's really good, actually, even though it has a blurb from Bob Costas on the front who, as we all know, pees sitting down.

Anyway, we're gonna have a little contest here to win a free book. All you have to do is send us in your best athlete run-in stories. Whether you saw A.C. Green getting a lapdance, Scottie Pippen sprinting out of a restaurant to skip out on the check, Jose Canseco escorting an old lady across the street ... whatever. Think Gawker Stalker, except with athletes, hopefully doing something stupid. Anonymity, as always, is guaranteed. The best stories will be published on Deadspin and will win yourself a shiny new book.

So, send 'em in to tips@deadspin.com. The juicier the story, the better. Good luck, yo.

The Education Of A Coach

(A reader informs us that the correct term for someone who sits down to pee is a "sitzplinker." That's fantastic. We are now referring to Bob Costas exclusively as "Bob Sitzplinker.")