Tell Us Your Real-Life Horror And Ghost Stories

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There’s a ghost story a friend’s father told me once that still freaks me out a little bit. Even as an adult. The story goes that one night, a few weeks after his mother died, he woke up to their dog barking uncontrollably. He got up and walked down the hallway to see what was wrong, and much to his shock, saw the figure of his mother floating above the dog. His memory of it is a little frazzled, as I imagine anyone would be after seeing the shadowy figure of their dead mother, but he claims that the temperature tends to drop suddenly in the house at times, especially in that hallway where he saw her that night. There’s no real way to verify whether or not it’s true, but it’s spooky nonetheless.

We don’t talk about it much, but it seems like every town has a story about a house that’s haunted, and every college campus has that one building that’s rumored to be haunted by some poltergeist from decades ago. In my neck of the woods, the late poet Dylan Thomas is famously said to haunt New York City’s White Horse Tavern. A ghost named Agatha supposedly hangs around the Brooklyn Public Library. There are even rumors that public pool in my neighborhood is haunted. Have you or anyone you know been haunted before? Do you know any good real-life ghost stories? Let’s hear them. Seriously, I want to be scared.