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Terrell Owens Jealous Of Romo-Witten Sleepovers

Illustration for article titled Terrell Owens Jealous Of Romo-Witten Sleepovers

Wait, a second ... Terrell Owens isn't happy in Dallas? I am surprised to hear that because this is completely new information.


Yes, there have been several recorded instances of Owens yelling at his coaches, his teammates, and generally looking displeased, but—say it with me now—"he just wants to win." Of course, he still clings to his believe that any winning scenario involves him getting the ball as often as possible. But now his discontent is spreading to the rest of the receiving corps who allegedly held a meeting with Cowboys coordinator Jason Garrett (and minus tight Jason Witten) in order to "discuss the distribution of the football and what was termed 'a buddy system.'"

This story about the pass distribution complaints was first reported by Clarence Hill in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, but ESPN's Ed Werder went one better, busting out more "sources" that claim that Owens believes quarterback Tony Romo avoids throwing to him even when he's open and that Witten and Romo have even had secret meetings where they draw up plays that no one else knows about. Well, that's a new one.


But to be fair to T.O. ... Romo does stink. He committed four turnovers, including a interception returned for a game-winning touchdown against Pittsburgh, and threw incomplete on several key downs when he tried to hit a covered and/or clueless Witten. So just because Owens is paranoid, that doesn't mean everyone isn't out to get him. Or it could be that the quarterback he used to shed tears for just isn't very good?

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