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Terrell Owens Will Not Turn In His Playbook Until He's Done Coloring It

No wonder Terrell Owens complains so much about not getting the ball. It's those damn quarterbacks who read the entire playbook. Filling their heads with running plays, audibles and routes to other receivers. His edition doesn't have all that worthless junk. But it does have a comics section. From the Dallas Morning News:

The way his mind works, he probably thinks he did know his plays. In training camp, the Cowboys asked him not to focus on a segment of the playbook because he was having a difficult time grasping it. But you would figure a prideful player like T.O. — at some point during the season — would familiarize himself with every facet of the playbook, if for no other reason to make sure the Cowboys threw him the ball even more. But he didn't.


Sorry to break in on your NCAA Hoops happy vibe, but to recap, the guy who is always complaining that he doesn't get the ball doesn't even learn his entire playbook. That sound you hear is Tom Landry whirling, lathe-like, in his grave.

T.O. Didn't Know Entire Playbook [Dallas Morning News]

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