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Terrelle Pryor's Wonderlic Score Was Reportedly A 7 (UPDATE: Pryor Says 22)

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The Raiders are praying that Terrelle Pryor's football IQ is higher than his actual IQ. According to Bob McGinn, the Packers beat writer for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Pryor scored a whopping 7 on his Wonderlic Test. (UPDATE: See below.)


We don't know if that's true; we also don't know how it's possible. Vince Young, the only NFL player that everyone believes is capable of scoring a 6, didn't actually score his 6. So if Pryor did indeed rack up a 7, it's not mental retardation—it's just a guy who doesn't give a shit about a multiple choice test thrown in front of him, as well he shouldn't. Here's a study that shows no correlation between Wonderlic score and quarterback performance.

The real story here is Bob McGinn, or any writer or personnel staff member who sees fit to leak a player's Wonderlic score. It's a pointless measure of nothing, it's supposed to be confidential, and it serves zero purpose except...what? Well, the only time scores leak, it seems to be either a high-scoring white player or a low-scoring black player.


UPDATE: Pryor tweets, "Funny thing is I scored a 22 on my Wonderlic. Get it right ask @RosenhausSports."

Steelers GM Kevin Colbert, who administered the test, says Pryor took the test a second time the next day, which is not uncommon. He does not deny the score of seven on the first try, but the second try was "significantly higher." Only the higher score "counts" for NFL purposes, much like the SAT.

But, look at us. The NFL is violating its own confidentiality promises just to refute a report that a young man has some kind of learning disability, and it goes on the front pages of ESPN and PFT and the like. Fuck the Wonderlic.

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