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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Texans Fan Drinks Own Piss In Irrational Display Of Loyalty

There are many baffling things about this video of a Texans fan drinking his own urine in the wake of his team's comeback performance against the Chargers late Monday night. Why does he combine jars of warm urine and cold urine? Also, why the hell is he drinking his own piss? Here he is, in his own words (NOTE: his own words do nothing to make it seem more sensible).

To all the Texans fans, however many of you there may be: When you say you've done everything for your team, think about this and consider that there MAY be something else you can do. Don't be a bitch. Man up.


Youtube user Bullzonparade (fight the power, guy!) says he promised the "Football Gods" (GREGGGGG!) he would drink his own piss if they allowed the Texans to come back and beat the Chargers. And so here we are. You non-piss drinking fans can learn a thing or two about manning up from gentleman.

From @HeyMrChris