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Texans Fans Brawl In Rafters Of Reliant Stadium

This is a pretty solid fight video as far as fight videos go. It's even filmed properly so mad genius video guy Burke won't have a seizure watching it. A Local Houston news outlet did some sniffing around and found the YouTube uploader and he claims it all started when someone threw a beer on someone else. It always starts with beer being thrown. The uploader notes the video is from the Texans-49ers game, which took place on August 18. The video has everything. Men stirring shit. Women stirring shit. A freaking child stirring shit (:46).

KHOU also interviewed some Houstonians who were on the fence about the lack of security presence. On the one hand, where the hell is security? The video goes on for almost two minutes, the first 30 seconds of which is the typical male bullshit posturing and shouting. You'd think someone would be around to notice the tension brewing. On the other hand, hey, assholes, stop fighting at sporting events. Both are fair points.

Video of melee at Texans game captures attention online [KHOU]

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