This is a three-minute clip that aired during a news broadcast in Houston. Some people in Houston may hate Matt Schaub and may want him traded to Football Purgatory for a wide receiver and third round pick, but these are not those people.

These people are just Texans-and-Matt-Schaub nuts. We've got skull masks and skull-horns-top-hat combos, a Wizard of Oz-type pimp of some sort, young Madison Dooley is even channeling Dorothy and of course the jester—jester, dreads? Let's go with jester—hats. So many jester hats. Basically, there's a lot of wacky headgear going on in this antiseptic New Orleans crowd or Raiders crew with no criminal record. And, God bless them, they rallied for their quarterback and Houston's KPRC sent out some poor reporter to cover it for us.

Texans Fever: catch it!

[Interception returned for touchdown]