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Texas Comes Back From Down Five With 10 Seconds Left, But Loses In OT

The Texas Longhorns, despite being down 33-54 with 15 minutes to go in their game this afternoon against Gonzaga, fought all the way back to just outside striking distance, down by five with 10 seconds to play.

Impossibly, though, Texas made up that gap, getting a tip-in from freshman stud Mo Bamba, then riding an inbounds steal from Dylan Osetkowski to a game-tying three from Andrew Jones. It was a wild two-score sequence that was barely longer than the average NFL play.


But, even with a Bamba dunk to open the extra period, the Zags outscored the Longhorns 9-4 in overtime, killing any momentum Texas had by holding them scoreless for over four minutes. It’s a non-conference neutral-court game in November, though, so that amazing series is still almost as cool as a win.

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