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Texas Has Too Damn Much Money

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The University of Texas has installed the world's largest HDTV at Royal-Memorial stadium, because... because they can, I guess. They've got a bunch of money to spend, and hey, no college football experience is completely without a 1608-inch HDTV in the endzone. Factoids:

• The screen is 55 feet tall by 134 feet wide
• The university had to upgrade its utilities capacity to accommodate its power needs
• 40 5-ton air conditioning units are required to cool it
• The heads of the gounding bolts are 5 inches wide
• It is, for the next few months, the world's largest HDTV in existence
• Every visitor who sets foot in the stadium will be blind before February


That last one, I can't back up with any sort of medical proof.

For the amount of money they spent on it, they probably could've paid off enough people to get Vince Young five or six more years of eligibility, which probably would've been a better investment.

At some point, you know that some lonely stadium maintenance worker is going to break into the control room and fire up some porno on that thing. I only hope that the male star of the film can be there to see what I'd have to think would be an extremely flattering image of himself.

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