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A Texas high school forced its football team to get rid of T-shirts with the slogan, "Shhhhhhh[,] just let it happen," because we all know what the fuck they were implying.

Martin High School (Texas) seniors designed the shirts, which also feature a flag that proclaims, "We Take What We Want." C'mon.

An editorial in the school's paper pointed out how that shirt could be perceived. From NBC5:

The Warrior Post's editor-in-chief Jerred Osterman, 18, a Martin senior, told NBC 5 that the paper's staff was motivated to write its editorial after a female student approached a news staff member with concerns over the T-shirt.

Osterman said neither he nor his staff questions the motivation of the players or their message of team unity behind the shirt — only the wording of the message and how it might be perceived.

"It's inappropriate, and it's not something that you want to represent Martin with," Osterman said.


Martin head coach Bob Wager said he thought the message of the shirt was for the team to force turnovers.


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