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Texas HS player charged with assault of referee

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There is bad sportsmanship, and then there is criminal behavior. An assault charge against a high school football player for tackling a referee is now the latter.


Emmanuel Duron, a defensive tackle for Edinburg High School in Edinburg, Texas, apparently did not agree with being ejected from a football game last night. After being ejected in the game for unsportsmanlike conduct, Duron charged the field and bull rushed the referee.

Friday morning, Duron, 18, was charged with Class A assault, Deadspin confirmed, and a $10,000 surety bond also was set.

What the hell was this dude doing?

This is a disgusting display unlike anything I have ever seen. His own teammates and coaches rushed to subdue him after the attack, and according to reports, Duron was escorted off the field by police.

Duron is also a star HS wrestler, who was named Monitor’s All-Area Boys Wrestler of the Year as a junior.

Not only did Duron make a boneheaded, selfish, and egregious mistake, but he cost his team a chance in the playoffs. The Edinburg Consolidated Independent School District announced today that Edinburg is no longer eligible for postseason play.


The referee, Fred Garcia, was eventually able to get up under his own power and was taken to the hospital to be checked for a possible concussion and shoulder injury.

Good luck getting a scholarship with that kind of outrageous behavior, Emmanuel.