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Yesterday some guy called for football fans to keep it quiet. But he was a Canadian (scoff) philosophy professor (double scoff). Well now it's some Red Raider fans, asking for the stadium to be silent when UT has the ball.


Jones AT&T Stadium is one of the smallest in the Big 12, but consequently one of the loudest. It's certainly disrupted the Longhorns, who are only 3-3 in Lubbock under Mack Brown. So why forfeit that homefield advantage?


Because some visiting Texas fans got their feeling hurt.

Two years ago UT fans were cursed at, spat on, and otherwise, you know, treated like visiting fans in a big rivalry. The Tech student government doesn't want that to happen again, so they're asking fans to be quiet, especially during UT possessions. They're couching it as a gimmick, the "Silent Scare."

If we get the stands to be completely silent that has got to be threatening to any team," said Tech student government president Drew Graham.

Also, Taylor Potts will be able to whisper the snap count.

Tech fans asked to use "silent scare" against UT on Saturday [KEYE]

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