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Thank God Mr. T Didn't Live To See This

When it comes to boxing, you just can't beat the combination of dimwitted, old and slow. Because it's Fun With Old People Day here, we would be remiss if we didn't remind you that the trailer for Rocky VI is out. In this one, Rocky leads a group of seniors who want to prevent network executives from cancelling Matlock. Sorry, we should have issued a spoiler warning before mentioning that.


At this point we'd pretty much rather see anything but a sixth Rocky film, and that includes Keith Richards exiting the shower.

By the way, the sleazy looking guy sitting at the table talking to Rocky about fighting again? That's former Oddjack guest handicapper AJ Benza. From AJ Daulerio assistant to co-starring in a Rocky film. How the mighty have fallen. Antonio Tarver looks good, though, at least for a guy getting decked by a 60-year-old man.


More pictures here, at The Stallone Zone.

Rocky VI Trailer [YouTube]

(By the way, we know Mr. T is alive. Isn't he?)

(UPDATE: YouTube took down the trailer initially, but we found another one and put it up. We can play this game all day.)

(SECOND UPDATE: So we've been thinking about this, and we've come up with a plot that would allow us to enjoy this movie. Rocky enters the ring with "Mason (The Line) Dixon" to much fanfare, fans screaming "Rocky! Rocky!" and all kinds of madness. Then, once the bell sounds, Dixon beats the living piss out of him, knocking him down three times, the last time for good, in the first 60 seconds.

Rocky then is interviewed by Larry Merchant after the fight. "Yeah, that was just a terrible idea. I probably should' has realized I am simply too old to compete any more. Boy, I am so lucky to be alive." We're sure they'll go that way.)

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